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The Pelvic Specialists have come together with the desire of providing dedicated, pioneering, evidence-based, innovative, world-class care. Our specialists offer comprehensive clinical assessment and diagnostic evaluation using state of the art equipment. They endeavour to offer personalised, patient-specific care, with an emphasis on providing the best patient experience and outcomes. This is achieved through multidisciplinary team meetings, access to modern imaging modalities, and a focus on pre-conditioning and rehabilitation.

The Pelvic Specialists team works closely with and refer patients to other carefully selected specialists as appropriate. This includes specialist radiologists, pathologists and oncologists. We work with specialist nurses, physiotherapists and highly skilled theatre teams to offer the best advice, treatment, counselling and rehabilitation. We are committed to offering you the best available treatment options as part of a tailored approach to your specific individual health care needs. We pride ourselves on including you in all clinical decisions, as part of a holistic approach, within a caring and compassionate environment.