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Dear Mr Haldar. Myself and the family would like to thank you for all you have done for Ray over the past few years. 

I would also like to thank you, Mr Huang and all his team for the wonderful treatment I have received over the last seven years. 

Dear Mr Haldar. I want to thank you for the success of my operation last Thursday. That I’m sitting here writing to you not a week later feeling well not having suffered any pain is a great testament to your professionalism and skill. We both felt an immediate trust in you from the first time we met and that has been upheld. Please thank on our behalf all of the other professionals to help during my operation.

Dear Mr Haldar. I wish to thank you and all his team for the wonderful job and the care you have all given me over the last seven years. My gratitude knows no bounds. With my very good wishes and heartfelt thanks to you all. 

Dear Mr Haldar. Just a quick note thank you for all your marvellous attention whilst Alf was in your charge.

Dear Mr Haldar. I learnt on Tuesday I am now clear of prostate cancer thank you. It was your expertise and the first-class care of your medical team that brought this about.

Dear Mr Haldar. I’m writing to thank you very much for the very successful operation you carried out on me on the 30th of January I am so grateful and it is good to feel fit again. I am so very grateful. 

Dear Mr Huang. As you will be very well aware hearing that you have cancer isn’t the greatest news you will ever receive but the speed with which you accommodated me, first for the initial consultation and then for the operation itself was greatly appreciated, even more so when you promised to carry out the procedure yourself. 

Please accept my deepest thanks for the marvellous work you performed as I now realise that due to the positioning of the cancer, it was clearly not an easy procedure however through your wonderful skill the outcome will be so much better. Hopefully the upcoming chemotherapy will go to plan and I can then fully recover ready for the stoma reversal operation which I hope can be carried out as early as possible. 

I hope you will accept this small token given with my heartfelt appreciation. 

Dear Mr Haldar. Both Paul and I would like to thank you and your team for getting us through this difficult time. Your friendly approach put us at ease un-afraid to ask any questions we may have had. We thank you for your care and expertise that has got us through this difficult and worrying time. A mere thank you doesn’t seem enough to say, but it is very sincerely meant.

The care provided by Mr Huang, and the efforts to keep me well informed over the past couple of years, never ceases to amaze me and I am more grateful than I can say. 

Dear Mr Huang. It is well known that the professional skills of yourself and that of Mr Michael Tyler, Consultant. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, SMH are of the highest standard and it shone through at the time of my operation. The Team of very skilled people you require to support you were clearly of the same mould. The Nurses on the Ward were excellent too. So by saying a very big thank you from me, is an understatement. 

Dear Mr Huang. I would like to thank you and all your staff for your dedication helping me through my operation.

I am still having a few problems when passing my stools, it is getting a little better as tie goes on. I could not wait to express my gratitude to you and your secretary.

Dear Mr Huang. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all that you have done over the past two years.

Thanks to your support, speedy actions and always being one step ahead with organising appointments, he is well on the way to a full recovery.

It has been a tough two years of health problems, but now hopefully we can look forward to the future.

Inn the nicest possible way, apart from follow ups, we hope our paths don’t cross again (but please don’t retire just yet!!)

Dear Mr Haldar. Thank you so much for all you have done for my dad he has done amazingly amazingly well and it is all a credit to you when I came to you for help I came to my friend but I have since realise that you are also the best surgeon I could have chosen. I am forever in your debt. Thank you also for the kind and great gentle way you have handled all of us. We couldn’t have asked for or expected any better care from you and your team.

Dear Mr Huang. I would like to say a huge thank you to you for accepting ma as your patient and operating on my rectal cancer. I am eternally grateful and for your expertise at the surgery you performed.

The Christmas present that money can’t buy was when your Registrar rang with the results, complete excision, negative lymph nodes and chemotherapy not required. I just cannot thank you and your team enough.

I am coping with the Stoma and getting stronger and doing short walks, but look forward to the time when hopefully it can be reversed.

Dear Mr Haldar. I should like to express my thanks and appreciation for the TURP treatment given to me by you. My problems have been resolved and I’m delighted that my system is working well. I am now back playing golf. 

Dear Mr Haldar. I feel I really must write to thank you for your attention three weeks ago. Happily I don’t remember how the operation itself went but the results seem to be as good as one could possibly hope. The organisation has been immaculate from the start and the staff, just wonderful throughout, my experience was nothing short of excellent. I guess the most important thing for the defenceless patient is to know that you are being tended by real professionals and that came across in spades. Every member of staff positively exuded calm competence and as an added bonus charm as well! With many thanks to all. 

Dear Mr Haldar. Thank you for all you have done and for looking after me so well. With kind regards and much appreciation.

Dear Mr Haldar. I should like to thank you and your team for the work you did recently regarding my operation. I am enjoying walks and driving my car and have not been wet! Thank you so much. 

Dear Mr Haldar. What a wonderful team of people! thank you for looking after me so well. The options available to me were well explained and the program leading to surgery was well coordinated and timely and the after-care looks equally promising. With many thanks. 

I received a letter from Mr Huang advising me the good news that the biopsy result was benign.  Would you kindly pass on to him my thanks, and those of my family’s, once more for his and team’s fantastic efforts and kind attentions that I have received at all times during my treatment. 

Dear Mr Haldar. I would like to express my grateful thanks thanks to all the members of your team who were truly professional. I must emphasise that everyone involved with my frightening experience did their very best to reassure and provide me with excellent care yours sincerely.

I write to express my sincere thanks for the surgical treatment and nursing care given to me at your hospital during and since my recent bowel operation. Every part of the procedure was clearly well organised and conducted in a very professional manner despite difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special thanks are due to the successful work undertaken by surgeon Mr Huang and his excellent team. The team always kept me well informed of procedures being adopted and treated me with much kindness. I must also mention your nursing staff who provided superb care after the operation. In fact, all staff deserve considerable praise for making my stay at Stoke Mandeville Hospital both comfortable and memorable.

I would be grateful if you passed on my grateful thanks to your fine colleagues. 

I recently underwent a colonoscopy under the care of Mr. Andrew Huang at the McIntyre endoscopy Unit at Wycombe Hospital. I felt I must write and tell you how impressed I was with both the unit and, more importantly, the staff. The care and consideration shown to me from every member of the team from the receptionist who met me to the nurse who discharged me was exemplary. The whole experience was professional and efficient but retaining the individual touch. I know that many units lose sight of this in the drive to be efficient and for the staff in the McIntyre unit to provide such outstanding care in these difficult circumstances is impressive. I sure you aware of what an exceptional asset you have in this unit but I just wanted to let the Board know how good they are. 

The care and attention I have received from you and all your team is quite exceptional. After my routine CT scan in October Mr Yeung wrote to me to make me aware of issues that required further investigation and confirmed that a flexible sigmoidoscopy had been requested. Bearing in mind the pressures on the NHS at that time I did not expect an immediate appointment. 

I was, however, anxious to understand the implications of the CT report and on 29th November I contacted Alison Major to ask if she could direct me to a source of information. By return I received confirmation of a telephone appointment with Mr Yeung on 3rd December. Mr Yeung was most helpful and explained the CT report in detail. He also confirmed having booked an appointment for the sigmoidoscopy. 

I duly attended Wycombe hospital for the procedure on 5th January. Dr Ghosh was very reassuring and explained that he hod token a biopsy for further analysis. He did indicate that it might take some weeks to receive the results in view of the obvious pressures on the system. I was, therefore, very pleasantly surprised and relieved to receive your letter so quickly. 

Thank you all so much for looking after me so well. 

Dear Mr Huang and team. We wanted to thank you for accepting me as your patient and for dealing with my condition so promptly,

We knew there would be challenges with my operation due to my previous Hysterectomy, so we greatly appreciated the skill of yourself and your team in being able to carry out keyhole surgery. This has resulted in a much quicker recovery rate and far less scarring.

We would also like to thank you for the kind way you respected and readily accommodated our religious beliefs. Your willing cooperation in making sure that the cell salvage machine was in place – was very reassuring and gracefully appreciated by us both. 

We know hospitals are on high alert due to the pandemic so we were so thankful for the rigorous and careful arrangements you had in place – both during surgery and in the ward to protect staff and patients. Many thanks for all your care and kindness.

Dear Mr Haldar. A note to thank you so much for having resolved the condition which had caused me months of discomfort and inconvenience. What was probably a very routine procedure for you has transformed the quality of my life and I am truly grateful. 

Dear Mr Huang. We wanted to say a huge thank you for both your professional expertise and the care and consideration you have shown during and after surgery.

Your attention to detail and thoroughness in very respect of care have and continue to be very much appreciated by our family. Your team were equally excellent and that coupled with the excellent care in ward 12A made the surgery that much more bearable.

We thank you and your team for this life saving procedure and wish you all well in the future.

Dear Mr Huang. Thank you for the training I’ve had over the past 6 months. Despite the haleness of Covid I’ve gained so much from my time here and I’m very grateful to everyone.

Thank you Mr Huang for your kindness and support.

Dear Mr Haldar. I was delighted to be signed off today after 5 1/2 years treatment and after-care for prostate cancer. may I just express my very sincere thanks to you and your team. no one could have asked for better care than I have had and I will always remember this. Many thanks to you all.

I write to draw attention to the fantastic care my husband received from Mr Huang, Mr Yeung the wonderful hospital and community Stoma nurse team, the pre-op assessment staff and the entire staff of ward 12D at Wycombe Hospital, when he had major surgery.

Throughout his journey he received empathic, considerate care from everyone he encountered. The support and encouragement he received at every stage was second to none.

He was hugely reassured by the excellent communication from Mr Huang, Mr Yeung and the Soma nurse team. Everyone did exactly as they promised and gave their time generously and willingly.

We feel privileged to have been in the care of these very special people and extend a heartfelt thank you to every one. We are exceedingly proud of them.

Dear Mr Huang. Sometime has passed since you very kindly and at short notice reversed my stoma operation for which I am very grateful and I sincerely thank you. 

You made me very well aware that my body would take time to adjust and that some functions would not be as they were originally. Of course that advice has proved timely and in part accurate. 

However the very small inconveniences that I am also sure will mainly resolve in time, are nothing compared to having my stoma reversed and hopefully with my cancer gone, my body slowly coming to it’s new norm. 

I can’t tell how exciting it is to be able to return to my. usual diet and finally abandon white bread, cornflakes etc to be replaced with fresh fruit, the full range of vegetables and salads including nuts of course. Clearly I am not aware of your colleagues who helped during my reversal operation so I can’t thank them individually but please pass on my very grateful thanks to all those involved especially your anaesthetist who I realise is a key member of your team. In an attempt to thank everyone who has been involved in my treatment I will be making an appropriate donation to the Scanner appeal for High Wycombe hospital. 

So please accept this gift in appreciation of all you have done for me over the last year. 

Dear Mr Haldar. I am writing to thank you for the outcome of the work you did removing the stones from my bladder. Before that time although I could manage two hours sitting at home or in the car. When playing golf I was paying every 15 to 20 minutes. I have just now completed the second round of golf which I stopped only once ….. Brilliant! 

Dear Mr Haldar. A massive thank you for everything you’ve done and also for your ongoing treatment. Everyone has been so good I just find it hard to put into words but you’ve all been amazingly wonderful. I love people and you are all tops! Thank you once more.

Dear Mr Huang. Thank you for everything you have done for my Mum, as the words do not seem big enough to reflect my gratitude.

I have spent this year marvelling at my Mums strength and determination to be well again and I will be forever grateful that you have enabled me to still have here here with me today.

Your incredible work on her a year ago and your advice and guidance since has blessed her with a new life to cherish.

Dear Mr Huang. Thank you for everything you have done for my Mum, as the words do not seem big enough to reflect my gratitude.

I have spent this year marvelling at my Mums strength and determination to be well again and I will be forever grateful that you have enabled me to still have here here with me today.

Your incredible work on her a year ago and your advice and guidance since has blessed her with a new life to cherish.

Dear Mr Haldar. I cannot speak too highly of the care and attention that I received during my recent stay for surgery on my prostate. First you came to see me every day and you even took the trouble to phone my wife soon after the operation to put her mind at rest this was greatly appreciated. I couldn’t help but notice the large number of hours that you and your team spent caring for your patience I felt in safe hands! I look forward to seeing you again on my future clinical visits. 

I am writing to congratulate you on the superb treatment I experienced in Wycombe hospital. I underwent an elective bowel re-section, the surgery was carried out by Mr Huang and his team. 

Considering the difficulties due to the pandemic, the treatment I had was exceptional. Everyone was extremely professional, my time in HO was very caring, with a huge level of expertise from the nurses. The nurses and healthcare assistants on Ward 12a were wonderful, helpful and empathetic, also very encouraging and kind. 

Mr Huang checked me on the ward daily until I was discharged on the following Saturday. He also phoned post-operatively to check on my progress. I did not feel at all unsafe because of the virus as the hospital was kept very clean. Everyone also used PPE as advised. Finally, I came into the hospital feeling very anxious and left it completely reassured. May I ask you to convey my thanks and gratitude to everyone concerned. 

Dear Mr Haldar. I would like to thank you and all the staff for the excellent treatment and care I have received over the last two years. In over a dozen visits with blood test biopsies and counselling, I have only encountered meticulous care analysis and close attention to detail, that has done everything possible to put the patient’s welfare first and at the same time offer great reassurance. The culmination came with an operation which went extremely well, allowing a rapid recovery, where the professionalism before and aftercare can only be admired. I can think of no detail of care that was left unattended. Please accept my heartfelt thanks to you all and your staff 

Dear Mr Haldar. Thank you for giving me the last five years and more I hope!! 

Dear Mr Haldar. At present I am enjoying the Sun in the south of France with good weather, good food and I’m feeling good once again. Thank you for giving me a good life. 

Dear Mr Haldar. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you and your team for the excellent way my prostate operation was carried out. I never expected such a pleasant stay in hospital hospital it was all quite painless. Once again my thanks to you all.

Dear Mr Haldar. I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Mum for treating her so respect respectfully and giving her three years of life that she would have lost if it wasn’t for you. She has always spoken so highly of you and as a family we are so grateful for your skills and dedication.

Dear Mr Haldar. I write to express my sincere thanks to you for ridding me of the pain of hydronephrosis. My surgery was complicated for you by some old scarring but your patience and skill overcame the difficulty when a second operation was performed after 24 hours and I find that my life has returned to normal. Thank you all very very much.

Dear Mr Haldar. It is necessary for me to write to you to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for offering me surgery. I have confirmed my approval to get involved with the hospital support group I would only be too pleased to offer support and encouragement to other men suffering from prostate cancer. Once again a big thank you from myself and my family.

Dear Mr Haldar. I would like to place on record how pleased I was with the kind friendly and courteous staff in your department when I had various tests. The attention I had was very prompt and explanations given to make one feel more at ease. Thank you all so much.

Dear Mr Haldar. Thank you so much for giving me my new gift (new bladder). Hopefully now because of you I can have a better quality of life and enjoy doing normal everyday things with my children. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

Dear Mr Haldar. Following my appointment with you yesterday and the news that my PSA is now zero, I thought I would write to thank you and all of the team for taking care of me following my prostate cancer diagnosis. This was the first time in my 70 years that I had to deal with a serious illness and I could not have wished for better treatment than that given to me by you all.

Dear Mr Haldar. It is with gratitude that I write to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent treatment I received during my time in the hospital. What a pleasure it was to see people not only working in a very professional manner but enjoying their work which undoubtedly transmits itself to the patients.

Dear Mr Huang. I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful care over the past years. I don’t think I would be here today without your expertise when I had my operation. 

I thank you for your good wishes and I shall try to do my utmost to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dear Mr Haldar. Please accept my sincere thanks for all that you have done for me during the past year.

I would like you to pass on my sincere thanks to Mr Huang and his team for the excellent job done on my bowel back in 2015. 

Dear Mr Haldar. I am John, Stewart M’s second son. I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything you have done for my dad so thank you.