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The care and attention I have received from you and all your team is quite exceptional. After my routine CT scan in October Mr Yeung wrote to me to make me aware of issues that required further investigation and confirmed that a flexible sigmoidoscopy had been requested. Bearing in mind the pressures on the NHS at that time I did not expect an immediate appointment. 

I was, however, anxious to understand the implications of the CT report and on 29th November I contacted Alison Major to ask if she could direct me to a source of information. By return I received confirmation of a telephone appointment with Mr Yeung on 3rd December. Mr Yeung was most helpful and explained the CT report in detail. He also confirmed having booked an appointment for the sigmoidoscopy. 

I duly attended Wycombe hospital for the procedure on 5th January. Dr Ghosh was very reassuring and explained that he hod token a biopsy for further analysis. He did indicate that it might take some weeks to receive the results in view of the obvious pressures on the system. I was, therefore, very pleasantly surprised and relieved to receive your letter so quickly. 

Thank you all so much for looking after me so well. 

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