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Dear Mr Huang. Sometime has passed since you very kindly and at short notice reversed my stoma operation for which I am very grateful and I sincerely thank you. 

You made me very well aware that my body would take time to adjust and that some functions would not be as they were originally. Of course that advice has proved timely and in part accurate. 

However the very small inconveniences that I am also sure will mainly resolve in time, are nothing compared to having my stoma reversed and hopefully with my cancer gone, my body slowly coming to it’s new norm. 

I can’t tell how exciting it is to be able to return to my. usual diet and finally abandon white bread, cornflakes etc to be replaced with fresh fruit, the full range of vegetables and salads including nuts of course. Clearly I am not aware of your colleagues who helped during my reversal operation so I can’t thank them individually but please pass on my very grateful thanks to all those involved especially your anaesthetist who I realise is a key member of your team. In an attempt to thank everyone who has been involved in my treatment I will be making an appropriate donation to the Scanner appeal for High Wycombe hospital. 

So please accept this gift in appreciation of all you have done for me over the last year. 

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